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Subject: Fwd: "Fruits"  in the matter - final reminder! Please use as distribution list

Date: Wed, 14 Aug 2019 15:39:26 +0200

From: Ursula Sabisch <nets_empress@gmx.net

Free English translation on 5 October 2021.

Often these are people from a sheltered parental home who want to help, but only by being able to elevate themselves above the person concerned and their dignity, and that has to stop!


Dear Readers, Ladies and Gentlemen,

At this point it should be made quite clear that anyone who wants to make a name for himself by his choice of profession or who attaches great importance to the prestige of his own person has certainly no place in this socio-psychological or educational environment mentioned below !

In this environment, the well-being of the person concerned must always come first, which also has a lot to do with the reputation of the person met, for whom one has taken responsibility, for example, as a judge, psychiatrist, social worker, lawyer, politician or carer.

This is especially true for those who have taken on an honorary task in this regard.

It must not be allowed to continue in the usual way, because of all things such aforementioned groups of people, who attach the greatest importance to their high reputation, decide on the well-being and reputation of those who, in addition, also have to answer for the earnings of such highly respected people!

These and other highly respected people are quite ordinary commoners, often even with a doctorate or professorial title, who are usually well to very well paid and lead their standard of living accordingly.

As a rule, these people are in the important places in society and increasingly also move around in politics, in well-appointed luxury facilities or on the luxury ships of the world's oceans.

These people in white gowns are usually not "high-born" but they quite obviously and quite naturally place themselves in this order of rank, in which these and those absolutely do not belong!

Should in future an afflicted person, who is in the highest circles of danger because of his psyche, be deliberately overdosed with psychotropic drugs by the delusion of some such doctor or professor, just so that such a doctor keeps his "clean" reputation and does not give a damn, how, for example, these correlations of public discrimination against his person relate to the overdosing and thus to* the cessation of discrimination, and does not further ask himself how these correlations, by what control or what phenomenon might have arisen,* then my person lets such a respected citizen be smashed to pieces by her Monumental Cudgel!

When true high-borns are dragged into the public mud, it is a most urgent warning signal for the whole of humanity.

When these most urgent warning signals are ignored for a prolonged period of time, or the state of affairs is misinterpreted or exploited, then surely it is more than natural that the subjects take on this dirty part publicly and globally.

If you, as a psychiatrist, are absolutely sure that you really deserve a high reputation, then please start immediately to earn your money honestly and at your own expense by exploring the original basis of any mental illness and have it acted upon accordingly, which have already been pointed out and made evident by some homepages of my person.

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Subject: Fruit in the matter - Final reminder!

Please use as distribution list

Date: Tue, 13 Aug 2019 15:19:26 +0200

From: Ursula Sabisch <nets_empress@gmx.net>

To: care centre.........................


Dear Mr. H., Dear Psychiatrists, my Dear little Fruits,

My person is interested in the level in which you and your kind move and would like to know how long you want to go on your all too well-deserved holiday again at the expense of the people serverely affected, etc. and so forth!

If you are not interested and no other expert in the psyche of this or that human being or do not be familiar with a person`s psyche and do not know that such a human being is given the right to a correspondingly high right to exist by having the already mentioned demands of my person carried out in the alloment gardens and castles, then you should at least know that in case of death some of the affected ones of your* kind will aim at a goal* to which many serverlely affected persons have quite obviously also been bound by human hands/ psychotropic drugs.

By opening the vicious circles of other states/beliefs/ the just mentioned risk for many of the serverely  affected ones and for your kind increases considerably!

Since you seem to have had a nice life and my person has had to take over your work or your activity as a caregiver and psychiatrist, I unmistakably also wish to receive your salary or your monthly endowments!

A renewed treatment with psychotropic drugs, among other things, can certainly be fatal for some severely affected people!

My ignorant and "too good-natured" fellow human beings preferably the person of my*.........

......... ........................  " Only important for the addressees on-site............."......


With kind regards

Ursula Sabisch

HP: It's certainly wonderful to live at the expense of others, isn't it?

But there was one thing you and the likes of you hadn`t reckoned with and that is quite obvious by the incompletely made diagnoses, primarily those of a severely affected  person and by your low level for sure!

And at the end of the time you and your kind then have to be balled out by the host and that is then probably primarily my person!

Luebeck, 14.03.2020 Document checked*.

For all the other ignoramuses in the matter, who have watched how some seriously affected people had to or still have to "fight their way through the order and the matter" in order to achieve advantages for themselves as the contemporary witnesses from the factual situation, my person still has some nice surprises in store!